Worm Grinding Wheel Worm Grinding Wheel

JK Sales –The Form Wheel Provider for Gear Industry.

The Gear Industry is one of the key markets to us. JK Sales prepared to provide solutions for all your worm Gear profiling wheel issues.And future needs of our customers.

We are providing wheel profiling from 1 to 6 Module with Number of start 1 to 8 with precise diamond dresser of different pressure angle We are capable to profile wheel from Diameter 95 to 350 mm and width up to 250 mm max on our latest CNC machine with accuracy.

Why JK Sales?

  • 1) Wheel Profiling on CNC machine which reduces manual error.
  • 2) Reduction in Initial dressing Time on gear grinding machine as we can maintain depth as per customer requirement.
  • 3) Low Lead Time Increase productivity we will supply profiled wheel with in 24 Hrs after receiving PO.
  • 4) Rework facility to convert existing your wheel to any other profile you required.